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The goal of PhysTech is the problem solving oriented development of physical instruments.

PhysTech emerged from its roots at the Institute of Technical Physics at the University of Kassel. The Diplom physicists Dr. L. Cohausz, Dr. S. Weiss and A. Bock founded in 1990 the company as Dr. L. Cohausz Halbleitermesstechnik GmbH.

Based on several years of experience in DLTS at the University of Kassel PhysTech developed a novel digital DLTS measurement system optimized for professional use and introduced it succesfully into the commercial and scientific market as FT 1030 DLTS Measurement System .
In 1993 the BIO-RAD micromeasurement Ltd. (Accent, NanoMetrics) was found as partner for the world wide distribution as DL 8000 replacing their former analog DL 4600 DLTS. Since then this digital DLTS system has been established as the standard world wide leading in sales and applications. During the last years the DLTS hardware and software was continously expanded for new applications and we haved developed the new FT 1030 HERA DLTS system.

Stimulated by this expirience and success PhysTech expanded their product line by developing the RH 2010 Hall Effect Measurement System. The RH 2010 has been designed for high flexibility and ease of use as a standard system for quick routine control measurements as well as for sophisticated measurements for material research. The RH 2030 and RH 2035 are improved developments of this Hall system.

Based on a flexible modular hardware and software special customized solutions have been developed, for example the Resistance Profiling Measurement system. Additionally to sales and development further fields of activity are the consulting in physical technique of measurement and development of technical/scientific software. 1999 the company was renamed in PhysTech GmbH to demonstrate the expansion of scope.

The philosophy of PhysTech is the sales and development of physical measurement systems with sophisticated and suitable electronics at reasonable price.

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